First Workshop in Dubai

April 30th – May 1st, 2017.

After the first two working material control delivery – Deliverable#1 (06.12.2016) and Deliverable#2 (08.03.2017) our team TWIST BOX was given a lot of praise by the competition organizers both for its work so far and for the accompanying documentation. Then came our team’s participation at the first international workshop in Dubai organized by DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) and WGEO (World Green Economy Organization).

TWIST BOX team representatives at the first workshop in Dubai, 30.04-01.05.2017.

The first international workshop “Workshop#1”  was held in Dubai from April the 30th to May the 1st, 2017. TWIST BOX team, with the help of Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, and the sponsors, enabled the following representatives/members to take part in the workshop – 3 students (Tamara Kostic – Team Contest Captain, Saša Perišic  – Construction Manager and Nemanja Brzakovic – Student Team Leader), the team mentor (assistant professor Nataš Cukovic-Ignjatovic, D Arch) as well a representative of the faculty authority (assistant professor Budimir Sudimac, D Arch).

The two-day workshop consisted of various seminars and lectures, and a couple of discussions about different competition parts, such as: the rules and the course of the competition, teams’ strategies, sustainable building development at the designated area,  materials and engineering, marketing and communication. Our students, alongside other participants, also got the opportunity to present, for the first time, their team and its work on the project so far, and to get familiar with other teams’ projects as well.

To us,  taking part in the workshop was a great driving force for further work.  At the same time it gave us the chance to ask the important questions concerning the competition and get to know the other teams.

TWIST BOX team representatives at the first workshop in Dubai, 30.04-01.05.2017.

source: TwistBOX