Kick Start with Maverick Consulting

August 14th, 2017.

Organization skills of the Twist Box team have been improved with the selfless help of our friends from Maverick Consulting Company!

At the workshop held on 14th of August in the Amphitheatre of Faculty of Architecture, decathletes and advisers have analysed challenges they face through this project and gained new skills which will enable managing such a complex project as competing at the Solar Decathlon and building a sustainable solar pavilion.

We cannot thank enough to Ðorde Maricic and Nenad Nikolic from Maverick Consulting company for their time and effort!

Find out more about Maverick Consulting company here:

Big thank you to our friends from Pancevo, dear PocoLoco catering, for the delicious refreshments that kept us focused through the entire workshop. You can find and order their amazing food here

source: TwistBOX