Making of TwistBOX model

September 17nd, 2017.

Making of Twist BOX architectural model was hard, exhausting, exciting and most of all fun! See it for yourself!

After weeks of hard work our model is finished, sealed and ready for shipping! Thank you to every single team member who was part of this process, you rock! And special thank you to Faculty Advisor Dusan Ignjatovic for consulting, constructing, supplying and guiding us all on this journey. 

Thank you to Obrad Kuzmanovic without who we wouldn’t be able to pull this off – you are our favorite team member. 

And big thank you to Budimir Sudimac – our Sponsorship Manager who managed to provide the funds for materials and who made the sponsorship with DHL for transporting our model to Dubai!


And the BIGGEST thank you to the TwistBOX Model Making Team: Nikola Miletic (not in the photo), Aleksandra Panajotov, Tamara Kostic, Nemanja Brzakovic, Lazar Simic and Luka Stijovic.

Final product:

You can always come to our office and see the model for yourself if you want to enjoy it even more!

source: TwistBOX