TwistBOX at Workshop #2 in Dubai

April 17th-19th, 2018.

TwistBOX team representatives at the Second International Workshop in Dubai – learning and sharing knowledge, working together towards a new sustainable future.



Representatives of our Twist BOX team have safely landed in Dubai and are ready for tomorrow's opening of #SDME Workshop #2!
Twist BOX team representatives presenting our project at the Second International Workshop in Dubai. @sdmedubai
Andrej Crnila representing our Twist BOX team and project on the Second International Workshop in Dubai
Kick start of the #SDME Workshop #2. We are ready for action!
Day 2 of SDME Workshop in Dubai - Making a better world.. A sustainable world.. Together.
We are going to the Solar Park - new sustainable village in the middle of the Dubai desert where our house will be built and used this November! Exciting times!
Twist BOX team with other teams and organizers of @sdmedubai at the Solar Park in Dubai - place where all the houses are going to be built and present to the public this November!
ay 3 of the Second International Workshop in Dubai - private sessions with the @sdmedubai organizers! We learned so much and got amazing reviews! Thank you for believing in us and thank you for all the support! We are excited to make our project a reality - in the new sustainable future that we are building together.
Our Project Manager and Faculty Advisor Nataša Ćuković Ignjatović, PhD on today's Workshop in Dubai. Repost from @sdmedubai - ‏ Valuable presentations and private sessions were held during the third day of #SDME2018 workshop, that aims on building a sustainable future!
The second international workshop has come to an end.. we all had a great opportunity to learn and grow and November is around the corner and we are READY!

source: TwistBOX