TwistBOX Celebrates World Green Building Week

September 27th, 2017.

In accordance with the main competition idea, spreading consciousness of the importance of building green, our team took part in celebrating the World Green Building Week in Serbia.

On Wednesday, the 27th of September, Serbia Green Building Council organised conference „Going Net Zero“. Besides our most eminent experts in this area, our team members also attended the conference. On this occasion Nemanja Brzaković and Tamara Kostić have presented the concept of Twist Box project, as well as its environmental characteristics.

Furthermore, three of our members – Nemanja Brzaković, Ana Marija Golob and prof. Phd Nataša Ćuković Ignjatović had the opportunity for presenting the advantages of going green while explaining our project on Studio B television. They also invited sponsors eager to help us financially to join us.  During the same week we were visited by the Serbian Scientific Television.

source: Twist BOX