Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 – Team Serbia


By connecting traditional means of architectural design and contemporary technological principles in an innovative way, Twist BOX project, designed for desert climate conditions, provides a sustainable and adaptable space. New technological solutions are being applied with the aim of achieving a better quality lifestyle in areas with extreme climate and scarce resources.


Reflective outer skin, low thermal mass of the inner skin, along with the innovative geometry of the house itself - allow our house to breathe easier, consume energy smarter and operate with the desired functions without any difficulties.


An innovative sun shading system with brise soleils that allow controlled sun penetration into the house give our house this glamorous aesthetic that makes it unique and authentic. The house features the PV system connected to the AC grid via an inverter for generating electricisity for the household devices.


Smart house technology system is operated by a remote control, a cellular phone, a computer or a touch screen with high level of functionality and comfort, followed by an economical demand side. Plus the opperation of some home devices can be addapted to the available energy optained by the PV system.


Twist Box team consists of students and professors from Faculties of Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and from Faculty of Technology and metallurgy.




November 14th, 2018


Seih Al Dahal, Dubai, UAE


Engineering and Construction

Energy Management

Energy Efficiency

Comfort Conditions

House Functioning

Sustainable Transportation






TwistBOX model
on its way to Dubai

Sponsored by DHL, our TwistBOX model is flying to Dubai for the exhibition! We had so much fun making our house 25 times smaller than in real life and we cannot wait to build the real one! Our model will be presented at Dubai Solar Show and other exhibitions during the year. Our model is already in Dubai, next are us.

Supported by the Minister
of Innovation and Technical Growth

Today we were visited by the Minister of Innovations and Technical Growth! It is so nice to see that our project is getting the high-end support as it deserves! Thank you for your time, Minister

“TwistBOX project is an excellent example of team work, showing that our students have talent in designing innovative solutions that can change the future of sustainable dwelling.” – prof. dr Nenad Popović, Minister of Innovations and Technical Growth


Words of support

The unique value of TwistBOX project is recognized by the most important experts in the field of architecture and technology.

Multidisciplinarity is the most important aspect of the TwistBOX team as it makes stronger connection between faculties and allows knowledge sharing among different fields.
prof. dr Vladan Đokić

Dean of Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade
TwistBOX project is an excellent example of team work, showing that our students have talent in designing innovative solutions that can change the future of sustainable dwelling.
prof. dr Nenad Popović

Minister of Innovation and Technical Development

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